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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I sync to an external timecode?

A. Currently only manual timecode sync is possible, we are looking to implement receiving external timecode via WiFi in a future release. If you have a preferred manufacturer of external timecode devices you would like implemented please contact us.


Q. Does eLogger work with just Media Composer?

A. Importing markers directly to source masterclips is not supported by Media Composer. You need Interplay & our Desktop Logger app to import markers directly to source masterclips.

Importing markers directly to the sequence is supported by Media Composer. You can take the text file output from eLogger & import this on to the sequence. This is done via the "import makers" menu within the marker window.

Amend the sequence timecode to match the timecode of the masterclips. Once imported you can copy and paste the markers from the sequence to a clip loaded in the source window.

Importing via Interplay directly to masterclips is quicker & efficient when working with lots of source clips compared to importing via the sequence.


Q. I don't have Interplay what can I do?

A. Send us your Avid Bin and eLogger file (Avid MediaFiles not required) and we will sync the Avid Bin and send it back to you. This Avid Bin can be opened on any Media Composer or import the text file output from eLogger onto a sequence. See above question.


Q. If I have Interplay at my site does every Media Composer need to be Interplay connected?

A. No, you can have only one Media Composer connected to Interplay. This Media Composer can sync markers to thesource masterclips in the bin via Interplay. Once the bin is saved it can then be pushed to Media Composers which are not Interplay connected.


Q. The timecode was set incorrectly during logging, what can I do?

Q. Use our free XML fix web tool. Upload your log from eLogger & enter the new timecode you would like the first marker to start at. Then a new log file with adjusted timecode for all markers will be available to download.

Click here for XML fix tool


Q. Can I get a demo license to test the whole workflow?

A. eLogger is free and our desktop app Desktop Logger which is download from our website www.elephantspeed.com is also free, this allows you to try the whole workflow with no cost.


Q. Can you import data from external sources to auto populate the tabs and buttons.

A. Currently this is not possible.


Q. How many licenses do I get with the full subscription version?

A. eLogger works like any other iOS App. You can install the eLogger on as many devices as you choose, as long as you log in to the device with the original iTunes user account that purchased the subscription.


Q. How long is the month subscription?

A. Subscription is with respect to the date the you subscribed. If you subscribed on 15th, you will enjoy subscription until the 14th of next month.


Q. How can I cancel subscription?

A. Follow Apple's guidelines on how to cancel App subscriptions https://support.apple.com/en-ae/HT202039


Q. If I cancel my subscription what happens to the template on my device?

A. Templates with more than two tabs or buttons will not open when your subscription cancels.


Q. What is the difference between the free version and the full monthly subscription?

Q. The free verson only allows you to create two buttons in the user interface and the text added to the log file is restricted to four characters / letters.